This is an API and Application Internationalization talk that I gave on June 25, 2014 at uShip The first time this talk was given and deals with internationalization and localization in REST APIs and applications in general.

In this talk, Jonathan Gill will teach you how to “Think Global, Develop Local” and ensuring that your APIs and applications can grow, expand, and an successfully adapt to new markets around the world. Software is eating the world and this talk will teach you how to fish in global waters.

You’ll learn architectural considerations of internationalization in API design, methods and structures for API contracts (input/ouput), and even ongoing localized resource maintenance.

This talk has a cultural and historical slant as well explaining certain inconsistencies in cultures, languages, and even in the HTTP specification (gasp!). You’ll come away armed with knowledge about linguistic rules shared across all current human languages, why blue is green, not to mention strategies and implementation tips that will serve you well for an API or application with a global audience.

API Internationalization (I mean Internationalisation) is a technology agnostic talk and is meant to introduce the terms, problems, and sliding scale of solutions to adapting APIs and applications to a global user base without getting too deep implementation details of one particular technology stack. Developers and technical business people are welcome.

Jonathan Gill is too busy making the internet to use it. He brings over 15 years of software development experience with specializations in e-commerce, machine learning, and global entrepreneurship. Jonathan was an early team member of API-first e-commerce platform, Mozu, where he currently works on large portions of the API platform. He was previously a Sr. Technical Architect and developer at AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), created a group based media recommendation algorithms, and founded some of the internet’s early niche music resources in the 1990s.